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If you live above ground, ie not under a rock, in any major city you are aware of the shift in the ever-changing cocktail world.  Over the last year or so, cocktail menus have been making a change. Gone are the days of masking the flavor of alcohol. Cocktails are making a complete 180 and history is literally repeating itself:  we are saying goodbye to the sugar filled spirits, the flavored rums, vodkas and tequilas, the rooty-tooty fresh and fruity and we are getting back to the root of cocktail culture.

Every woman over the age of 25 has given themselves a mental kick in the ass while standing in line about to fork over their credit card to purchase a pile of clothes costing damn near the amount she pays in rent and identical to the free pile she turned down from her mother’s closet-cleaning years ago.  History has been repeating itself in every other aspect so why not in what we drink?

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There is no longer an urge to whip out your smart phone and book a dentist appointment while watching the bartender mix your drink.  We have burned the little umbrellas just like our mothers burned their bras.  We have taken a stand for freshly squeezed juices and sought after herbal combinations of chartreuses and bitters.  We are channeling our inner flapper and bring a little golden era back into our lives.

Here’s a recipe to do just that.

dry rye gin
Jamaican #2 Bitters (ours are from Milwaukee’s Bittercube)
pineapple & banana: we promise it’s not crazy sweet!

1. Muddle pieces of banana and pineapple.
2. Add 1.5 ounce of dry rye gin.
3. Add 4-5 drops bitters.
4. Shake it!
5. Serve over ice.
6. Do not add an umbrella.


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