well, hello!

“There comes a point when a dream becomes a reality and reality becomes a dream.”
– Frances Farmer

A double entendre for Rent Vintage Chicago right now! Not only has our reality become our dream but we have started a business of making dreams a reality.

We like to say, “If Martha Stewart and Sanford and Son had a baby it would be Rent Vintage Chicago.” This immaculate conception can be traced back to our roots.

Kate grew up in awe of her mothers uncanny ability to at a moments notice, be able to arrange flowers, set the table, and light candles, all while simultaneously whipping up a meal complete with hor d’oeuvres. As for Megan, she took the reigns from her father whose amazing and creative eye was able to help transform a former crane factory in Milwaukee into an indoor wetland, raising 80,000 fish at Sweet Water Organics Fish & Vegetable Farm. So with the mini-Martha in Kate and the inherited eye for upcycling in Megan, join us on this journey and watch this newborn grow!

Megan and Kate


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